Application for Service

Please complete the below information to apply for new service.  Service cannot be connected on weekends or holidays.  Fields with the asterisk (*) are required.  If you have any question regarding signing up for new service, please contact us during normal business hours 413-536-1050.  

SHELD requires the following to start service in your name:

  • Completed and Signed Authorization Form
  • Positive ID
  • Deposit
  • As part of our application process, SHELD requires all applicants to provide their social security number.  In 2010 Congress made it mandatory for the Utility, as a “creditor”, to require this information in an effort to avert identity theft.  Online Utility Exchange (OUE) is used to validate customer’s social security number as a part of compliance with the Red Flag Rules required by the Federal Trade Commission.  SHELD uses OUE to perform a “soft credit check” comparing the customer name and social security number that does not affect your credit score.  

*Residential Renters: please note, in addition to reading the above deposit policy, you will be required to come into the office to pay the deposit.

*Business Applicants: please note, in addition to reading the above deposit policy, most business accounts are required to pay a deposit.  You will be required to come into the office to pay the deposit.

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Please review the information regarding residential deposits or commercial deposits to understand SHELD policies. .

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By clicking this box, I certify I have read and agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions for Electric Service and Rates.  I have also read and understand the Deposit Policy.
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